Friday, May 7, 2010

My Top Five Current Envy List

I envy...

1.  People who have sold their home within a month ~ how many St. Joseph statues did they bury in their yard?

2.  People who write great blogs ~ go check out the blogs I follow,  I stood behind the door when God was handing out the writing/sense of humor trait.

3.  People who can drive over a bridge without freaking out ~ I know I won't be driving much in Portland when we make the move.

4.  People who can go to Las Vegas, drink an insane amount of Long Island Ice Teas and be up early the next morning chipper and ready to start another day of fun.

5.  My husband for his amazing ability to always look at the glass half full ~ my glass is full of wine and constantly empty.

Someone out there, somewhere, is so deserving of a bitch slap ~ That will get me out of my funk, text me with names and I will gladly oblige.


  1. mine would probably be ...

    1. people who enjoy rides at amusement parks, esp roller coasters. i'm a total drag with motion sickness, a fear of heights, and a crippling fear of dying.

    2. those people who have never had to think about their weight.

    3. people without children- esp couples. i love my kids more than anything and i wouldnt trade them, but i would probably wait many many years (if ever) before having them if i was able to do it over. i missed the opportunity to do stuff selfishly for myself.

    4. those who are financially secure because they made great decisions after high school and in their early twenties. bitches.

    5. people with an authentic artistic talent, or even just a passable imagination and outlet to express it. i have none. so far.

  2. I love your list and as far as envying those that have never had to worry about their weight ~ that would be bitch slap envy!

  3. I'm guessing that the people that sold their homes within a month got a lot less than they wanted for them.

    Your selling your blog short. It is always interesting to me.

  4. Thank you. Frustrating trying to sell a home when there are short sales and foreclosures all around.


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