Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to my Mom.  I know that everyone claims that their Mother's are the best, but mine truly is.

My Mom raised four children on her own and I know that she constantly wished that my sisters and brother were more like me.  I never gave my mother one inch of trouble, I was/am the perfect daughter.  This is how I remember it, my Mother seems to remember it differently, but I think she is confusing me with my younger sister, the adopted one.  (no she is not really adopted I just always told her that, it still drives her up the wall.)

My Mom cornered the market on guilt, my mom and the Catholic church that is.  When my Mom would ask us to do something and we 'bitched' her response was "Never mind, I will remember that" ~ talk about instant guilt!

My Mom told us that we were only allowed to use words that were in the Oxford English Dictionary.  When they added the word "fuck" it was a great day!  Lesson I learned, be careful what you tell your kids, it will come back to bite you in the ass, and yes, ass is in the dictionary.

My Mom is an incredible baker and cook.  She makes the most amazing cakes, from scratch people!  I never inherited that trait, my older sister did.  This is a cake my sister did and won a gold medal for.  The flowers are all hand made with fondant icing. 

I miss my Mom, living on a different continent is tough, but we all seem to fair well.  My older sister lives in Brisbane, Australia, I live in Utah (soon to be an Oregonian) and my brother and 'adopted' sister live in South Africa as does my Mom. 

My Mom always allowed us to have friends over and we would cook and entertain, watch those silly scary movies and have loads  of slumber parties.  My Mom was very wise, she always welcomed all of our friends and our home was the home to veg out in.  I have adopted the same philosophy with T.  My Mom is known as Mrs D to all our friends ~ how cool is that!  Me, I am known as T's Mom.

I called my Mom last night ~ time difference they are 8 hours ahead ~ and I had to be the first one to call, little sibling competition we have going on.  My Mom has the flu and I wish I was there to bring her tea and make chicken soup just as she did for us when we were sick.

I envy my friends who have their Mom's right here ~ should have put that one on my envy blog. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I am the Mom to T because of you.


  1. A single mom that raised four kids on her own? Wow, your mom truly deserves a special Mother's Day. Ihope she gets feeling better soon.

  2. What a beautiful picture - your mom is a great lady, and you share all her best traits!


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