Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We can all learn from nature.

I know I have posted this picture before, but I think currently it warrants being posted again.

This tree is on the edge of a cliff at Yaquina Beach, Oregon.

No matter where you are planted it is up to you to grow, we make take a few wrong turns now and then, but as long as our stem is solid, we will survive.

Smile more, laugh much, drink more wine.

Celebrate today.


  1. well I'd sure be drinking lots of wine if I was that tree...

  2. I don't think it's JUST coincidence that I was depressed last night and then you posted this

  3. wonderful and true...grow where you are planted. :)

  4. @David ~ I know... that would be me!

    @Leila ~ I think many of us needed to be reminded.

    @David ~ Amen

  5. @Vinny ~ thank you... now go draw some more stick figures and make my day!!

  6. Indeed.

    Am celebrating not working tonight, wine was in the plans.


  7. I know you can relate to this. Moving so much, sometimes it's hard to start over, but each place is what you make of it. Some days I have to remind myself that I wanted to live on a tropical island.

  8. After spending the last couple hours of my day fighting everyone of my friends on facebook, I decided to apologize to them. I didn't ask them to be friends again, because I'd feel wrong about it, but I did ask for forgiveness, because to be honest, I was a horrible person to them. I looked over your post again, and I felt hope. I felt like I could find my way out of this mess. You know what they say... one door closes, and another opens, right? Thank you so much...

  9. @ Tulpen ~ *clink*

    @ Meg ~ I hear you from one military wife to another.

    @ Leila ~ recognizing that you were a bitch and then apologizing is huge... you are light years ahead of so many adults.

  10. This tree is really beautiful despite everything.
    Thank you for your kind words about my photography on Davids blog.
    Thank you for sharing you world with us :)

  11. :O you did NOT approve my last comment! How could you?! Eh i barely said anything anyway...

    Thanks for "liking" my new look, though I'm quite dissatisfied still! Haha you're not going to tell my mom that I never got to finishing my homework because of the endless distractions right?

  12. Leila was there a comment after the last one? I don't show any. Stop procrastinating!


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