Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Three rashers of bacon = 85 calories.

30 minutes of very active sex burns off 85 calories.

Remember this information the next time you have a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's.

You're welcome.

Now go read this blog post.  Vinny C has some more advice for you all.


  1. Does that mean I'll have to eat more bacon to balance out my sex life?

  2. I love it! Scientific data that advocates bacon & sex.

    And, of course, thanks for the pimping.

  3. @ Vinny ~ I so much prefer my scientific data, don't you? You're welcome.

  4. Bacon and husband's two favorite past times. He'll appreciate this information.

  5. What if I don't want to fuck off the fat? Can't I just have the bacon instead?

  6. it ONLY burns 85 calories?! but 10 minutes of Good sex can leave me EXHAUSTED, and an hour of cardio exercise (which burns 500 cal) doesn't even leave me anywhere near as tired! what the.... damnit I need to combine some cardio exercises with sex somehow so I can optimize amount of calories burned

  7. Bacon does make everything better. Why not sex?

  8. Thanks for the tip. I will be posting that to my fridge as a reminder. Also, I love Vinny's writing so yay for the link, loved it.

  9. well a grand slam would be about 3000 calories which would probably required about 48 hours of non stop sex to lose. However, the types who eat this at Denny's would probably drop dead after 48 seconds of sex.

  10. @ Brooke ~ then don't have him read Vinny C's post...

    @ David ~ you will never look at bacon the same again

    @ Rabbit ~ HA you can have the whole pack

    @ Leila ~ let me know when you come up with the combo plan

    @ Meg ~ Amen

    @ Nari ~ Glad you loved Vinny's post... the whole teeth thing still gets me though ;~)

    @ David ~ you over think things sometimes... just stick with the 3 rashers...

  11. Hooray! You're back in public blogging! (Or I'm just super late to the party...)

    I don't think it's any coincidence that Denny's named it the "grand slam." They know what they're telling us to do afterward. *wink*

  12. Hey... they don't call it "makin' bacon" for nothing! '~) LOL

  13. How many calories would four minutes of active sex burn?

    Sorry, not a math major here.

  14. @ Dr. C ~ Denny is everywhere. (Been public for a while, but you have a life so it is okay you didn't read the memo)

    @ Cat ~ HA, never heard that one before. Good one.

    @ Denny ~ would be equivalent to a teaspoon of bacon bits.

  15. I am now rethinking my vegetarianism.


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