Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My World of Warcraft name.

My friend Meg and I were speaking about our kids and their World of Warcraft playing.  She told me that she was informed by her boys that when she gets angry she has a Demoralizing Shout which totally takes the wind out of her sails and all leverage when she wants their attention now. 

I told her we should ask our boys that if we played WoW, what name would they give us for our character.

This is how my conversation went with T.

Me:  T if I was to play World of Warcraft...

T:  You wouldn't play it, there are snakes.

Me:  Okay hypothetically if I was to play WoW, what character name would you give me?

T:  Wino

*When T starts therapy later on in life I want a kick back from the therapist as I have provided ample fodder to keep the therapist in the lap of luxury.*


  1. Does Wino stand for someone who drinks a lot of wine? Or is it in some Warcraft language? o.O?

  2. Ha! Love this. My oldest said my name would be Warmomger. War-mom-ger, then he said, "get it?". My younger son said he didn't know...only because he's too sweet to be mean or insulting.

    I'm not going to even touch on how much therapy my kids are going to need.

  3. You have an award waiting on my blog my friend

  4. @Leila ~ World of Wine... might be onto something!!

    @Meg ~ You are the aggressive, I am the lush... damn we would make a fine pair in battle.

    @Brooke ~ T really is... he has this sarcastic sense of humor, I have no clue where he gets it from.

  5. @David ~ thank you so much, now I can procrastinate again today and blog instead of packing up the house.

  6. I checked a few realms. Oddly, in all of them, Wino was unavailable.

  7. @Vinny ~ thanks now I don't feel like such a lush.

  8. I told Preston I would farm for he and the boys if he bought me a Mac. He didn't hold me to that. Thank goodness.


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