Monday, August 16, 2010

They said what?!?

Why is it that when a person has experienced a traumatic event in their life people decide to say the most stupid things.

When my father was murdered I was told by one person at my father's funeral,  that his death was God's will.  Really, God was okay with this?  I know I tried to move my hand to give the very well deserved bitch slap, but the Valium and Whiskey had kicked in and my dearest cousin from Australia guided me away from this person, they should send him a gift.

This rant is not about the things people said to me, but by what people are saying to a Mom as she tries to understand the senseless death of her son.

Today she posted on her blog that the investigation is moving along and that she hoped that no one thought she had given up.  She was respecting the space of the detectives so that they could find who had beaten her 18 year old son.

Quick side note:  Her son was addicted to Heroin, BUT it gave no one the right to take his life.

One person posted the following:

"Most kids addicted to drugs, banned from family, without any other support end up selling themselves and drugs to sustain themselves."

Seriously!!!!!!  And this makes this Mom feel better how??? 

This was the next comment:

"Given the complexity of the injury, it seems very unlikely that the damage caused by physical battery can ever be separated from damage caused by substance use. Even a civil suit would be an extreme long shot, and your investment (both financial and emotional) would be at a tremendous price. You need to think of all members of your family when you make this decision."

Oh I see, so because he was addicted to drugs he deserved to be beaten so violently that it resulted in his death a month later?  So help me understand,  people who are addicted to drugs/porn/alcohol/gambling/cigarettes are not worthy of justice?

I wonder what another word for pious would be?  I have a few choice words running through my brain, but will leave that up to your imagination as to what they would be. 

There is a time and a place for reality, just not this time.


  1. When my sister was shot by her husband many people asked me,

    "What did she do to make him do that?"

    bitch slaps all around.

  2. Double bitch slaps with a twist...

  3. I find this blogger to be the bravest woman ever! And find myself thinking and sending a prayer up for her. To be able to share and be judged for stunningly refreshing.


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