Monday, February 8, 2010

Tea Parties and the Super Bowl

This past week in America we had two big events.  The Tea Party Convention and Super Bowl XLIV.

Let's start with the Tea Party Convention.  My first thoughts were, finally a convention to teach the Americans how to make a good cup of tea and don't forget about the sandwiches!  I was all behind this movement as I am all for a better cup of tea, have you tasted Lipton?  This is tea?  I would also throw a convention to liberate the tea bag in a cup with microwaved water crap that is served at restaurants.  But alas, I was advised that this was not the Tea Party I was thinking of.  This tea party was to resurrect the Boston Tea Party, something about Boston, a harbor and crates of tea thrown into the bay many, many years ago.  I think taxes also played a part.  (damn I hope this isn't on my citizenship test.)

Mrs. (not Ms. too liberal) Sarah Palin was the guest speaker, at a cool $100,000 for her speech.  She said many things that made me thank the Lord for providing me with entertainment after our dear President George Dubya.  (I really was depressed when Dubya left the White House, he would just say the cutest things.) Anyway back to Mrs. Palin, the one thing she said, really stood out.  Mrs. Palin is calling for an American Revolution.  Really?  Okay, the majority of the crowd would be your right wing, conservative, gun toting, NASCAR supporting, wife beater t-shirt wearing, aerial wolf hunting, jacked up truck driving population.  Nothing like waving the red flag in front of the angry bull!  Revolution, seriously?

Enter Mr. Tom Tancredo, he had some fun things to add to his speech.   On Thursday during his opening day speech he said, "People who could not even spell the word 'vote' or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House."  He also suggested that everyone take a civics-literacy test before someone could vote.  (History fact:  tests were used to prevent blacks from voting during segregation and were banned by the Voting Rights Act in 1964.)  This from the mouth of the man who accused Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor of being a racist.

Which leads to a question... should I send Mrs. Palin and Mr. Tancredo a dictionary so that they can look up the definition of 'Revolution' and 'Racist'?

Ah yes, the Super Bowl.  It has never been about the game for me, but all about the ads and this year they just sucked.  There is no other word to describe how bad they were and how MANY there were.  Just as the camera was ready to zoom in on a tight end, BAM we cut to commercial break.  Really, how am I supposed to get my heart rate up to exercise level without breaking a sweat, leaving my chair, beer and hot wings?

Carri Underwood, horrible job on the National Anthem my dear.  The trick is to sing it, not yell it.  The half time show, The Who, left me thinking WTF?  I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction with regards to Roger Daltrey, those jeans were just a little snug.  I guess the only wardrobe malfunction was with Pete Townshend and his shirt riding up so that the belly was in view.  Somethings are just better left to the imagination.

The only redeeming factor of having wasted a few hours and brain cells, was that the New Orleans Saints won. 

Tea parties and football, is doesn't get any better than this!

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