Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Five news headlines and my response.

 Tea Party Speaker says Democratic Senator should be hanged.

While the First Amendment does protect Freedom of Speech, isn't this statement pushing the boundaries just a titch?  My understanding is that the majority of the Tea Party followers are 'Christians', so calling for a persons death because you do not agree with them, is okay?  Did you perhaps leave your WWJD bracelet at home?  My only satisfaction is that you were referred to in the media as an "unidentified female speaker".  Did you feel that breeze?  That was your 15 minutes whizzing by.


Beck on Captured Taliban Commander: 'Shoot him in the head!'

Ah yes, Mr. Beck, it is confirmed, you are an idiot, a rich idiot, but an idiot none the less.  You incite people, get the masses going, say things out loud and then when called on the carpet you deny you even said them.  To quote Ariana Huffington,  '... but fortunately for fans of facts, reality, and the truth -- we live in the era of DVRs, YouTube, and embeddable video. And what Beck actually said is recorded for posterity.'  What is with all this violence Mr. Beck?  When you completed your recovery program for alcohol and drug addiction did you not work the 12 steps, or did you bring out your chalk board and change a few?  How about you revisiting the Serenity Prayer and really focus on each word as you say it out loud!


Kim Kardashian Outs Air Marshal on Twitter During Flight.

Ms. Kardashian, firstly, who are you?  Oh I remember, you are the girl that was at the airport waiting for your luggage, with your entourage and one person from the papparazzi and NO ONE knew who you were, including myself, the person who was trying to get her luggage while you flicked your hair and pretended to be in deep conversation with your sisters, all the while glancing at the photographer through your fake eyelashes.  With regards to the Air Marshal, way to go Ms. Kardashian!  If I ever happen to be on the same flight as you I will promptly request to be moved to another plane... that way your one paparazzi photographer can have my seat, but tell him to bring his long lens as my seat would be in coach!  


Woods will 'begin to make amends' Friday.

The only person Mr. Woods should be making amends to is his wife, children and family.  I see no purpose in your press conference to apologize to the American people.  My life has continued just fine since your little bits on the side came to light.  So no apology needed here... move along!


Sarah Palin responds to "Family Guy" and repeats call for Rahm Emanuel to Resign.

Mrs. Palin hush, please for the love of God, just hush!


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  1. I'm so glad I don't have Palin and Beck in my country anymore. It's kind of relieving.


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