Saturday, February 27, 2010



In 95 days T. will be graduating from high school and last night was his last parent-teacher conference.

Driving home the range of emotions took over, from the 'no more homework and tantrums' to the ' I am not ready to let go'.  I guess that this is the point of their lives where you find out if the lessons you have taught them throughout their life made an impact. 
My mother reminded me that when I graduated high school I was off traveling around the country while studying in the hospitality industry.  In 1990 I came to the States and ended up staying and I did okay.  This is when the words "Wait until you have your own child" come to mind.  Yes, I know they were the words that were said after you challenged your mother's authority, but now I realize what my mother was going through while I was on my quest to become Ms. Independent.

Now it is my turn to let T go out into the world, seek his independence and enter the next chapter of his life.  Cutting the invisible umbilical cord this time is going to be a titch tougher.

I wonder if box wine vacuum sealed bags can be hooked up to an IV?


  1. Our boys are the same age... Mine has been going through a bit of a tailspin this year and hubs and I keep tryig to recall what we were like at 17. Then we realize our daughter was an enigma of normal and son is more like we were...

  2. I know! I think of moving to Paris at the age of 20 and what my sweet mother, who has never left the US, must have felt. I felt so old at the tme, but now I realize just how young I was!

    T will be fine. He's an amazing kid. A good kid. A bright kid, In fact, I probably shouldn't call him a kid anymore.....gulp.


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