Sunday, February 14, 2010

Navigating and rowing is better with two

For many years I felt as though I was in a row boat by myself trying to navigate the waters with one oar. You are trying to row with one arm, check the compass for direction and stop the boat from tipping over.  It is manageable, but it takes you a lot longer to get to your destination.  There are many unscheduled stops along the way.  Sometimes you spend your days going around in circles and you just want to throw in your oar and give up.  All you are doing is trying to get to your safe place, your sanctuary, your home.

My husband came into my life when I thought I had finally managed to navigate the boat on my own.   I quickly learned that navigating with two is so much more manageable.  My husband brought his own oar and together we have navigated some pretty tough waters.  When there are days that I feel as though I cannot row anymore, he quietly picks up my oar and takes over. 

Do you ever have those pinch yourself moments?  There are days when I cannot believe that I am married to this incredible man.

At the beginning of this school year, my son had to write a paper on his definition of a hero.  He wrote his paper on my husband.  I will share the first paragraph with you.

My definition of a hero would be someone you can look up to in a time of need, someone you can trust with all your problems, provide and protect for you.  They push you towards your goal in life.  The person I look up to in life, and my definition of a hero is my Step-Dad, Bear.

So now there are three of us in our row boat.  My husband and I navigating and rowing and my son in the back asking "Are we there yet?".  

And finally I can say, "Yes, we are, we are finally home."


  1. Coming from a teenager, that is HIGH PRAISE indeed!

  2. What an absolute beautiful post. All boys should be lucky enough to have fathers and step-fathers like that and all fathers and step-fathers should be lucky enough to have sons like yours!

  3. Thank you Mitch. I think this is one of the only blog posts that proved that my husbands tear ducts do work. He is an incredible Dad to T.


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