Sunday, March 30, 2014


Thank you Elisa for my beautiful affirmation bangle. 

While living in Corvallis I attended a local art fair and discovered Saucy Jewelry. I was leaving the following week to visit friends in England and I found an affirmation bangle for my friend Lisa which said "She thought she could so she did." Lisa was going through a tough time and I wanted her to have something that she could look at everyday and keep her motivated and moving forward.

There wasn't any phrase that Elisa had that really stuck out for me, so I didn't buy an affirmation bangle for myself at that time.

These past few months have been a tough one for me and it has been a huge learning curve for me not only about people, but mostly about myself. A few weeks ago I was reading a book on codependency as I was trying to figure out why did I think that it was okay to allow people to treat me in a less than favorable manner.

I post daily affirmations on my G+ account and was trying to find something one day on codependency. When I pulled up the images the first one that popped up was "Examine what you tolerate." This was profound. I sat staring at the screen for a while and just let those four words sink in. "Examine what you tolerate."

I have thought about those four words every day since discovering them and then that light above my head moment happened and I knew I finally had the words for my affirmation bangle. I contacted Elisa at the beginning of this week and yesterday when I got back to the condo a package was waiting for me. My bangle was here.

There are some that may think it silly to rely on an object to keep one moving forward, but at this point of my life and learning that it's okay to be me, I really don't care what people think. What matters is me and my inner peace and calm and when the next person that treats me in that unfavorable manner I will look down at my wrist and glance upon the words on my bangle and then slowly walk away.

Please visit Elisa at Saucy Jewelry and see all the wonderful pieces she makes. Click on the link here.


  1. The quest to understand yourself, and to heal and make stronger the broken bits, is a noble one. Sending you good wishes.

    1. Thank you for always being one of the first to post such kind words.

  2. Replies
    1. Alex those are words we both need to see every day. xox

  3. That is great, I need one too. What to say though? I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Where in England were you?I hope you enjoyed the visit.

    1. My best friend lives in Yorkshire and Lisa lives in Kent. I try to visit as often as I can.

  4. I think those affirmations are incredibly helpful and I love this one for you. I'm going to check out her website!


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