Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Unexpected Text.

Oregon Coast

This morning after an intense yoga meditation session I received a text message from a very, dear friend. I don't hear from this person very often. He truly is one of the most genuine people I know so when I received the following text I burst into tears.

You have been an enrichment in my life Nubian, my friend and sister. 

There is no gift or bouquet of flowers that could ever compare to the power of a kind word. It costs nothing and the value is immeasurable. It is a text, along with a few others, that is now locked on my phone that I will read when the world around me seems a little darker. 


  1. Such a lovely gesture. I think we often don't say the things we really feel to the people we care about.

  2. That was nice. I, myself, feel awkward when it comes to conveying those types of sentiments. Usually I just tell people, "You rock!" It means the same thing, more or less.


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