Monday, November 11, 2013

Canning Cousins.

My cousin has the most incredible kitchen, you can't help but want to bake, cook or create some wonderful dish and pretend you're Nigella Lawson.  This summer my cousin's garden had an over abundance of peppers so I suggested we can them. We had a great morning and can't believe that we only got four jars from all 5 lbs of peppers.  I think we should go into business.

See what I mean by the incredible kitchen!

5 lbs of amazing peppers
Firing up the grill.
Perfectly blackened and ready to be skinned. 
Packed and ready to be preserved.
Canned and ready for salad, pizza or just eaten straight out of the jar.
As I was going through all the pictures I realized that I didn't have a picture of the Canning Cousins! Well next time we decide to can something else I will make sure that a picture is taken of us both with wine glasses in hand.

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