Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Happy Place.

My happy place.

On Wednesday I decided to take a drive to Left Coast Cellars.  One reason was to get the magnum filled, the other was to go to what I call, my happy place.  There is something about Left Coast that makes me feel as though I have received a warm hug.  The staff are great and from our very first visit to visits since, they have made us feel as though we were home.  Left Coast is the first winery we take guests to and when they leave they feel the same way.

If I were a better writer I would describe what I see and feel, but I am not so I will share with you pictures that I took.

Let me know when you are next in Oregon.  I will take you to visit my happy place.  Hopefully it will end up being yours as well.

My Magnum. I get a sticker every time I fill up.  Also known as "lush labels"

Left Coast Wine

Left Coast Swan

They always have great deals

Wine tasting bar

The Princess Chair

My lunch. Brie with roasted grapes and a glass of wine

On my Christmas wish list.

They make their own honey as well.

My favorite view

One of the bee hives.

The driveway leaving Left Coast.

My neighborhood.  I love Corvallis.


  1. I don't drink often, but I think I might need to make a special trip to visit you. I want to share that lunch and I want to see beautiful fall trees like that again. I miss fall.

  2. What a day. Beautiful pictures, but you're a gifted writer, too. I love the "lush labels" and especially love the fact that they've got a chair designated just for you.

  3. Those are some beautiful pictures. From the looks alone, I can see why you love the place so much. I'll take you up on that offer whenever I start travelling.

  4. The pictures are STUNNING! what a vibe... Cannot wait to visit :)

  5. The pics are gorgeous.. thank you for sharing your Happy place with us.

  6. I just visited Left Coast for the first time back in May, after tasting at Johan which is just up the road. Fun place and a really cool tasting room. Unfortunately on the day I was there, they were frying garlic in the kitchen so all their wines had a garlic edge to them.

  7. @Meg ~ I love their food. Simple and elegant and just enough. When are you visiting? ;~)

    @Mitch ~ Happy you caught the 'lush labels' and yes don't you love the Princess chair!

    @VinnyC ~ When I win the lottery remember. Left Coast will be on your itinerary after your tour of Japan.

    @Alex and Heidi ~ I am looking forward to the day I get to share Left Coast with you both. We should send them a memo first before we arrive. ;~p

    @Beau ~ I never thought of that, but then I am no where near the wine connoisseur you are. I will forward your comment to Ivy.

  8. Where is it? It's gorgeous and I can see why it makes you so happy.

  9. Haha! "Powered by the sun." It sounds like it should say things like "Powered by happy and awesome."

  10. Mrs. Small Soldier ~ It is in Rickreall. Takes me about 35 minutes.

    @Doc. ~ It is on solar power and happy power too.

  11. Honey AND wine? Where do I sign?!?!


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