Tuesday, November 15, 2011

College students say the darndest things.

When T. was at BlizzCon he saw a group of Blizzeeks wearing these Spirit Hoods.  T. had to have one.

When T. got home from college yesterday he shared with me his college student encounter.  I am hoping that this student truly was mesmerized by the quality of the Spirit Hood, but given my previous personal experiences with students I somehow think not.

Student:  That is cool, where did you get it?

T.:  From a company called Spirit Hood.

Student:  What is it?

T.:  It is a Red Wolf.  One of the great things about this company is they give a certain percentage of sales to the conservation of the animals.

Student:  They give a percentage to conservation of the animal that they killed for your Spirit Hood?

T.:  *crickets*


  1. errr I don't understand this concept - is it like a survival game where one pretends to be a wolf?

  2. I guess Davey Crockett was an original Spirit hooder?

  3. LOL! I hope he isn't in collage for anything REALLY important.. like something where he holds someone's life in his hands..lol!

    LOVE the spirithood! AND that he got a red wolf one.. they are extremely endangered.

  4. I checked them out after I saw your post on Google +. I think they are cool, but as I'm probably too old for one, I've been thinking about getting one for Camden for Christmas. Between you & Doc, I'm having second thoughts about sending my kids to college.

  5. what a d**s :)
    Love those hoods. Going to get one for J's birthday next month..

  6. Wow, originally I was concerned about the future, now I'm just out and out worried.

  7. Ah, to be young and stupid (excuse me)... Ah, to be young and innocent... Nope, young and stupid it is... Once again!

    Then again, I know some "old" people who would have said the same thing.

    But, I LOVE the hoods. Just checked out the website. Wonder if I can start a trend here in Sevilla.

  8. Can't help myself, I think you'll appreciate this:


    It's a spin on a Mario game by PETA (it's a disturbing game they made to try and prove the point of skinning animals is wrong).




  10. I need to go check this out. The perfect gift for the man who has everything! LOL!

  11. That was just the laugh I needed. And, it was kind of an example of critical thinking...right?


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