Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have been busy.

Crocheting baby blankets for Project Linus

Yelling at T. as he torments Tequila with my yarn.
Making brine for my turkey. (The Pioneer Woman)
Getting creative with twine to hold up brine bag.
Trying to do a nice table setting.
Attempting to be photographically creative.
Our incredible roasted delicata squash salad starter. (Banana Wonder)
The remains of our incredible turkey from Afton Field Farm
Drinking copious amounts of wine from my happy place.
Finishing off the last piece of my pumpkin cheesecake with sour cream topping.

Am I excused from not blogging then?


  1. We brine our turkey too. We got this years recipe from Food Network Magazine and it included Bourbon! Delish! Your table was lovely.

  2. Your table was lovely and everything looks so yummy. I could so go for a piece of that cheesecake right now.

  3. @Mrs. S ~ Thank you and thanks for the recipe!

    @Pseudo ~ the cheesecake was amazing, I am not a fan of pumpkin pie and this was a winner!

  4. You are! It all looks good..except for the Turkey.. ew. Don't take that to offence, I am an Aussie and don't understand the eating of a!
    I'm sure it tasted marvellous.

  5. Pumpkin cheesecake?! That sounds genius.

  6. Pumpkin cheesecake, sounds like heaven. Your spread looks beautiful. Have you brined the turkey before? How did it turn out?

  7. What a gorgeous table! And I have to ask...what did you use for your brine recipe?

  8. Ooooh... I NEED a slice of that pumpkin cheese cake (or the whole thing)! Dinner looks amazing!

  9. OMG I made pumkin cheesecake with sour cream topping too, wonder if we used the same recipe :)

    everything looked wonderful, hugs dear friend

  10. @AlittleSprite ~ It is all the fixings that make the turkey taste half way decent.

    @dbs ~ It is way better than pumpkin pie!

    @Tamayn ~ oh it was. First time we brined and it turned out wonderful.

    @Thomas ~ if you click on the link next to the picture of the pot with the brine, it will take you to the recipe. :~)

    @Mitch ~ It was, just so bummed I didn't take a pic of the turkey before I cut into it.

    @David ~ probably!! so great to have you back in blogland.

  11. I've taken the last two days to completely veg. I feel lazy, but what the hell, sometimes, it's just nice to do nothing. Loving the Linus blanket. My grandmother and her church group has been making blankets for Linus for years. As I still have a "blankie", I know it's a total comfort for the kids who receive them.

  12. I hate how gorgeous your table is!

    And by hate, I mean "I wish you would invite me over and teach me."


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