Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am requesting help from my Nubinites

Please click on the video below and follow the instructions. Thank you.


  1. Huh, maybe there's another Bronx I don't know about.

    As for the 1-900 numbers, the voice and accent would be great but the intellect would be far too confusing for them. I don't think you're even allowed to speak in complete sentences.

  2. You'll make some $$$ with the 1-900 numbers..

    As for Bronx accent, not even close..

  3. Princess Nubian, you should be thrilled that someone asked you if your accent was from the bronx! What an honor, eh? ;-)

    1-900...WOT is DAT?

  4. Bronx...uh no. But I am in LOVE with your accent.

    Seriously. In. Love.

  5. At least you didn't get:

    "British? Australian? New Zealand?
    Whaaaa? They speak English in South Africa?"

    1900-Wine perhaps?;)

  6. I love South African accents... my boyfriend has a Rhodesian one... they sound so similar except for some nuances. And yes, you have a very, very sexy voice... *by the way I laughed SO hard at the raised wine glass*

    As for the Bronx accent... I just... can't even begin to comprehend how that comparison was made...

  7. The Bronx, no. I would have guessed. . . Omaha. Yes, Omaha.

    I hear they like 900 numbers in the great Midwest, too, so you're bound to make a killing.


  8. Nari ~ I can make my sentences shorter.

    Heidi ~ are you done laughing at my Mata Hari outfit?

    Alex ~ 1-900 the sexy numbers :~)

    Mrs Small ~ I will record your voice mail for you

    Ant ~ I like that idea 1-900 wine... instead of 'what are you wearing' I can say 'what are you drinking'.

    Leila ~ it has been a very strange week with regards to my accent.

    ToddX ~ maybe I can detract the mid-west peeps from voting for the wrong people.

  9. vacation to New York City by all means, but please stay away from the boroughs of Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. Trash binds them together.

  10. lol! i'm from ny & you definitely do NOT sound like one of my fellow new yorkers. possibly a 900 operator though. one who can charge very high prices per minute.

  11. I like the 900# gig- You could make some serious cash! Bronx- nope.

  12. Bronx accent? Maybe for the deaf.
    As for 1-900 numbers, check this out:

  13. !-900-SEXY-South Africans... I've mistaken a New Zealander for an Australian and I don't think they liked it very much. But. To mistake your accent for someone from the Bronx...I don't get it, at all. Okay, the Mata Hari disguise did make me giggle a bit. I'm used to watching you fix dinner while we Skype. ;)

  14. Bronx - no way..
    900 Numbers... I'd pay!

  15. Uhm, had you not mentioned South Africa, I would have guessed English. I've gotten better at telling the Aussie and Kiwi dialects from Received English now, but I have no idea how to differentiate a South African dialect. What are the markers for South African English?

    I think it would depend on the type of 1-900 number that you worked for. Although accents do add exoticism, not all register the same response in everyone.

  16. Leila ~ I may just have to do that.

    Sherilin ~ How high would high be? Could I still watch HULU as I speak to them?

    Ryan ~ Want to be my pimp?

    Meg ~ I knew my friends would get a kick out of the disguise. T thinks I am a little 'touched'.

    King Wayne ~ Expect a bill now after we talk.

    Tamayn ~ There are various dialects in South Africa. I have the English dialect. The Afrikaner dialect has flat vowel sounds. Very distinctive.

  17. Think Penny Marshall, Garry Marhshall, James Caan, Al Pacino, Wesley Snipes... So, NO, you do NOT by any stretch of the imagination sound like you're from the Bronx. But, YES, you do have the perfect voice for a 900 number!

  18. I've only heard them on TV but, from what I know, nope.

    P.S. Whatever you're selling on that 900 number, I'm buying.

  19. I would give a lot to sound like you. What a gorgeous speaking voice! Elegant, refined, and very sexy! Yeah, you could make a fortune on the 1 900's. Hearing that lovely voice saying naughty things could make you a fortune!!! (Bronx? Are you joking???)

  20. Finally got my computer back so I can now see your video. Late to the party, but what can I say?

    Definitely a Bronx accent. You sound just like Woody Allen.

    (oh please, not like nobody else didn't think of it!)

    No, of course you don't sound like you're from the Bronx. You sound just like a nice SA with the English dialect. I know two families in this area from different parts of SA and they are easily distinguishable from one another (at least, to me).

    I loved the video, and all the mystery woman stuff! Skip the 900 numbers - I'm picturing you doing your own podcast with that voice. You can call it "Nubian at Night".


  21. All these commenters are crazy -- that accent is TOTALLY Bronx. Sheesh :-)


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