Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be The Match Update

Last week we heard from Be The Match foundation to let us know that the patient is deteriorating.  They are still going to go ahead with the stem cell removal in the hopes that she starts to improve.

On Friday Bear received the first two shots.  He had a bit of a restless night.  Saturday morning the nurse came to the home to administer the next two shots.  She asked Bear how he was doing pain wise on a scale of 1 - 10.  He said he was at a six.  This concerned the nurse as this was only the beginning.  My husband does not complain about pain and no he does not have the 'man flu' that would be me.  I knew he must be hurting because his 6 would be my 10... or in the case of someone who lives in Spain, an 18. :~)

The nurse told Bear that he must take the Vicodin that the Doctor prescribed.  He did, and had a good nights sleep.  Yesterday the aches were in his hips and joints, today they are in his sternum.  So lots of Ibuprofen and the V for bedtime.

The nurse will be back on Monday morning and then we leave for Portland.  We need to be at the hospital at 6:30am on Tuesday morning.  I will keep you all posted and hopefully it will all progress smoothly.  Current update on the patient is that she is still not ready to receive Bear's stem cells, but they will store them.  I have no idea how long they can do that.

Keep her in your thoughts that she pulls through. 

Have a great week friends.


  1. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! I was literally just thinking about this when I saw you had posted a new blog. I'm glad the Vicodin helped Bear. It's a very great thing he is doing. I hope that it can help her. <3

  2. Growth Factors can cause some pretty serious bone pain. My son said the worst thing about his treatment for Hodgkins wasn't the chemo, but the growth factors.

    The Bear is doing great. Hang in there!

    Oh, and they can store his stem cells indefinitely. Good news.

  3. @Meg - We are just keeping everything crossed. :~)

    @dbs - Thank you

    @DM - So glad to hear they can store them indefinitely. Thanks for your support and 'splaining stuff to me

  4. I shall keep you all in my prayers. Best of luck!!

  5. Ohh I'm glad I read this tonight. I will be sending bear and the girl lots of healing thoughts, and lots of light. .

  6. I hope that he's feeling better and that his pain falls to an American Midwest 1.

  7. Us bloggers are here for Bear no matter what. We're there with you all in spirit!

    As for the picture, it was pretty kick ass! Tell T nobody's ever looked that bad ass since Clint Eastwood in old Westerns


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