Monday, October 24, 2011

The Great State of South Africa

Don't know who did this, but I would like to shake their hand.

I know you are all not going to believe the conversation I had today with a college student.  I still don't believe it.  When I get asked those questions I have begun to look around me expecting to see the camera from some comedy show.

This morning I was at a local coffee shop and ordered my usual.  The conversation went as follows: 

College Barista:  Oh wow you have a beautiful accent, what State are you from? 

Me:  I am from South Africa 

College Barista:  Really?  What State is that? 

Me:  *crickets*

Remind me again as to what is required to get into college?


  1. That is so bad! It's funny, but terrible at the same time. Who are these people???

  2. I LOVE this map...hobbits. And yes...that is one scary conversation. Really scary. Yikes!

  3. Oh M Gee! Why they associated your accent with a state in the first place, is beyond me. But really? They better get used to working as a barista.

  4. Reminds me of the "Mapping Stereotypes" series by Yanko Tsvetkov.

    As to the conversation; we're doomed.

  5. lol - not a student of geography, possiby

  6. oh my gosh, my 9 year old knows better than that & has for a few years now. some people revel in their ignorance.

  7. Canada is all shitty music and bears? I blame it on Bieber.

  8. @Linda ~ Unbelievable right?

    @Mrs Small ~ Yeah I love the map too

    @Meg ~ You would know as we have spoken often

    @Ant ~ I am hoping she will think about it.

    @David ~ I just want to know how she got into college

    @Sherilyn ~ Sometimes I truly think I am being punked

    @dbs ~ HA when I looked at the map and saw Canada I knew your response would be about it. I need to go to Vegas. I am hot baby!!

  9. The world is full of the stupid. The best you can do is smile and nod. It burns, but in the US especially, sometimes you have to power through it.

  10. *CRICKETS* is right! But don't feel too bad. Have I told you the story of the woman from New Mexico who called in a mail order? After she gave her address, the customer service person told her they could only ship within the United States.

    I'm sure it goes on all over, but the USA is notorious for this lack of wordliness.

    The map is brilliant!

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahhahahhahahahhahaha.


  12. If this is an example of the modern college student, all I can say is, the future looks SO bright.

  13. are you sure they were a college student and not a regular citizen, on-campus employee? Because that's so ludicrous... I can't believe I'm in the same grouping as that imbecile


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