Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I have learned about Facebook

1.  People really don't pay attention to what they say on their page.

2.  People don't pay attention period!

3.  Hitting the IGNORE button brings out an evil laugh in me.

4.  If we were not friends in high school chances are we won't be friends now, but being persistent in sending friend requests does give you extra points.

4.  Facebook is the adult version of high school.

5.  Deleting and blocking people is so much more fun on Facebook than it is in real life, you get to verify that you are damn certain you want to delete them.

6.  Social etiquette no longer features.

7.  Waiting for the next networking site so I can move along and delete my page entirely.


  1. Welcome back! I'm pretty sure I couldn't take another networking site right now. If anything, Facebook has reminded me why I didn't talk to some people in real life in the first place.

  2. Thanks Vinny and I totally agree! Although it is great to post my vacation pictures and have everyone drool at all the food pics.

  3. I don't really DO Facebook.

    But I do get the evil giggle thing from hitting IGNORE. So many people from my work have tried to friend me...and get IGNORED.

  4. I got addicted to facebook when the school year started... mehhhhhhhh

  5. I wish people knew how much their facebook status update stupidity entertains me and all the snide comments I should post but never do.

  6. @Tulpen - we both have that warped sense of humor

    @ Pragmatic - you need to concentrate on school!! Do I sound like your mother?

    @Brooke - I do not have a problem in pointing out people's stupidity on FB... I think my friends now do it just so that I can get all riled up!

  7. Well sadly my mom is oblivious to a lot of things in my life, so no, you don't sound like my mom (considering she never says anything like that to me). I'm still waiting for those vacation pics by the way :) I don't know if you forgot, but South Africa is the place I want to be in the future!

  8. Facebook is like the adult version of the little paper mailboxes we used to tape to the side of our desks in Grade 4. Or stuffing notes in the vents in your friends locker in highschool. I closed my IRL FB account because I didn't like being contacted by people who were more than happy to snub me in highschool. I have a FB account now, just for the people I meet in tbe blogosphere. It's much more sane. - G
    PS - I like the new look of your blog. Very stylish!

  9. @Georgina ~ totally agree, I deleted about 30 people when I returned from my travels and have yet to receive an email from them!

    Rabbit did my blog for me xox


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