Monday, February 21, 2011

Not that you need proof...

Remember how I went on a rant that people don't pay attention on Facebook?

Story in a nutshell ~ Wildlife game park in South Africa is asking people to choose from one of the seven names for the new baby boy rhino.

Here is their status update:

Game Park:  FINALLY here is the shortlist of the most popular name suggestions for the new baby rhino on this page as well as Africa Geographic and Jeff Corwin's page.  Please vote for your favorite name by commenting on this link.  The names are ~ Bindi, BonBon, Karma, Brandi, Ithemba (Hope), Bembi (Peace), Binx.

Dumb Frack: Jasmine

*opening bottle, removing cork with teeth, swigging from bottle*


  1. I had to go look at the post...another had suggested Sophie.

    Dumb Frack sums it up well. Sometimes I wish I lived in LaLaLand. Being clueless surely involves less stress.

  2. LMAO - I saw that and was about to make a smartass comment, but then remembered that I was a member of that group for only like 5 minutes. Did not want to be kicked off the first day I joined :-)

  3. @ Meg ~ yup, there are winners out there

    @ Lyds ~ okay darling I KNEW that you had to have seen it, I haven't been on their page for too long to comment either... hence my rant. It is idiots like Dumb Frack that will keep my blog going.

  4. Maybe... BonBon translates to Jasmine, perhaps?

  5. @ Vinny C ~ you are so smart, I did not think of that.


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