Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Say what??

I read the Huffington Post blog every day because I enjoy reading the condensed version of the news.   If something peaks my interest I will search the Internet for more information. 

Every single time I scroll down there is something about Kim Kardashian.  I still do not know why this woman is news, my ass is bigger than hers and you don't see me in the papers now do you!

This week she is bitchin' that the pictures, that she took for Playboy a few years ago, are being published and she is so angry.  She never wanted to do them in the first place, but her Mom told her to.  Sidebar:  Advice from my Mom was to make sure I had clean knickers on when I left the house.  Just saying!

She is upset about Playboy posting pictures of her naked when she constantly tweets pictures like this?!
Sweetie, you have some serious issues. 

So after I read this and got down on my knees and lit a few candles and prayed that her 15 minutes be up real soon, I glanced over to my screen and saw this...

The bitch has two younger sisters and by the looks of things are already on the red carpet scene.  Kendall and Kylie ages 13 and 14.

Please forward your favorite cocktail recipes to me, I think I need to be drunk for a long time.


  1. I've never understood this one either. What did she do to become so famous? It feels like she was pulled out of thin air.

  2. I'll drink to that. Good grief.

    Thank you for all of your positive reinforcement on my blog. It does not go unnoticed.

  3. @ BelleAtHeart ~ when you find out let me know

    @ Steve ~ your blog is amazing, you should try and find the time to write more often!!

  4. White russians are a good and appropriate cocktail to sip on while mentally raging at celebrities. But if the pain gets overwhelming, I'd go straight to the whisky - single malt.

  5. @ Dr. Cynicism ~ I KNEW there was a reason we connected... you had me at SINGLE MALT!! Maybe we can sit by the fire and enjoy a bottle of Talisker and talk about people who have worn out their 15 minutes!!

  6. I don't quite get why she's famous. But I DO get why people want to see her nekkid. T & A baby. She's got 'em. That is all.

  7. Last time I checked I had them too... maybe not as firm as hers, but I have them!


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