Thursday, July 22, 2010

US Supreme Court

Once again I received one of those emails.  So I decided to do my own research, but let me go back to the email I received.

The email was about Elena Kagan, President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court to replace Justice John Paul Stevens. (mmm wonder if he is Catholic, both his names are after Saints ~ okay, focus...)

The email stated that she has no experience as she has never been a Judge.  So I decided to do my own research and this is what I found.  (I spent two hours gathering this information, I need a life.)

From 1789 to present, 2010, we have had 111 members on the US Supreme Court

17 of the 111 have served as Chief Justice

In doing my research I discovered that 70 members of the US Supreme Court did not have any experience as a Judge, 6 served as Chief Justice.

The following is the breakdown of the party that they were nominated under:

No party (George Washington) - 10
Federalist - 3
Democrat-Republican - 6
Whig - 1
Democrat - 27
Republican - 23

So the fact that she has no experience as a Judge would be a mute point right?  Nope, after sending this email to the person who sent me the original one, the response was, well she is a Marxist.

Now I need to go research Marxism and I wonder what the response would be after that?  I have no doubt that person is making ugly non-Christ like gestures at her screen as another email from me pops up on her screen with my points to refute their email. 

It is probably just best if I respond with WTF?

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