Friday, July 16, 2010

DMV and phone conversations

This is the condensed version of a phone conversation I had with my friend Ms. L after my experience at the Oregon DMV today.

Nubian:  I went to the DMV today to change my driver's license and after filling out the forms was told that I have to take the test.

Ms. L:  Well I guess when you move from another State it is probably required.

Nubian:  My husband didn't have to take the test and he moved from another State?!

Ms. L:  That is because your husband doesn't have "BITE ME" written across his forehead.


  1. You are a citizen now - why the red tape one wonders?

  2. I guess it is Oregon law ~ they can also decide if I have to do the driving test tomorrow ~ watch the bitch come out in full force then!!


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