Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When in Maine...

I guess one cannot visit Maine without visiting L.L. Bean. I had no idea as to how large the store was. There are many different stores all connected to the main store and it is open 24 hrs, 365 days.

The L.L. Bean boot with the lovely Ms. Erica
posing for me. 
The L.L. Bean boot car. (Only in America right?)
One of the stores. 
I love the door handles.
An indoor trout pond.
And I so wanted to make a wish. 
The stuffed animal section. Kinda creepy.

Poor stuffed bears. 
Somehow this one doesn't look as intimidating as the ones I have seen
in the wild. 
Long, long wall with all the catalog covers. 

One cannot go into the tent section and not play.
Main Street in Freeport, Maine
It was a great day and Erica and I decided that if we had an unlimited budget, our packages would have been numerous.

Except for the mom khakis. We would totally skip those.


  1. That boot out front might actually be big enough for San Geraldo! I used to love going to L.L.Bean. Haven't been there in about 25 years; it sure has changed!


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