Sunday, January 19, 2014

My visit to Brunswick, Maine.

Maine Moose
This weekend I visited with our friends Jon and Erica who live in Maine. It was a much needed break and mini vacation. Jon was T's Biology teacher in high school and you can read about him in this blog post I did a while ago. Brunswick, Maine is home to Bowdoin College and a very quaint college town. It reminds me a lot of Corvallis, Oregon.

Jon and Erica have just purchased a home and have started doing renovations and I couldn't think of a better way to take out my frustration on peeling off wallpaper and taping up shit. My OCD was in over drive. My weekend adventure is documented in photographs, a type of graphic novel for those that don't like to read lengthy blogs.

Erica putting the finishing touches on the
crown molding.
Jon making sure that the caulking is perfect. 
Me on the phone to RyRy and peeling wallpaper.
Marley, my godchild, supervising from the bedroom.
All the ducks in the neighborhood.
Ducks hanging out at the neighbors. 
Brunswick Saturday Flea Market. 
Nightmares in the making. 
For my friend Berta
Amazing collection of salt and pepper pots.
The wonderful Hannah from Gracie's Garden
Lacto-Fermented vegetables. They are awesome. I bought the beets to
bring back home to Oregon. 
Wonderful cheese from Balfour Farm. 
After the farmer's market we had to have Gelato.
So much to choose from. The winner was the Vegan Chocolate Gelato.
What I woke up to this morning. 


  1. That "Nightmares in the making" pic was spot-on and cracked me up! The rest of the pics are lovely. Glad you had a nice time:)

  2. The ducks! The ducks swimming! The snowy view! If I lived there and had those sights to greet me every day I’d get a work-from-home job just so I’d never leave my home.

    1. Maine is beautiful and I would love to live there.

  3. My first time in rural Maine was in the month of March. The most unfriendly people I ever met.
    My second time in the same town was in June. The nicest people I ever met (same people). I commented on that fact to the town librarian and she laughed and said, "March?!? After all those months of winter we aren't nice to anyone! What were you thinking coming in March?!?

    Glad you're enjoying it in January. You know we've got lots of work to be done around here, too!

    Isn't today SOMEBODY's birthday???

  4. very pretty - oh yeah Maine is on the 'to visit list'


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