Monday, February 4, 2013

Ten lessons I learned from watching Star Trek.

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1.  There is always an alternative.

2.  Distress signals should be ignored.

3.  Trust no-one.

4.  Always set phasers to stun.

5.  No-one pays attention to the Captain's orders.

6.  Even with super advanced mapping equipment you still end up in areas you should not be in.

7.  Torpedos are never ready when you need them.

8.  There are no back ups to the warp engines.

9.  There are still egotistical ass holes in the future.

10. Even in space I'm going to have to deal with gorgeous, skinny, alien bitches.


  1. Let's not forget, you can also solve every major problem you come across by pulling off some last minute, crazy-assed play that, if it doesn't work, will probably kill everyone (and possibly destroy the entire universe while you're at it).

  2. The color of your shirt will determine how fast you die/how many lines you have.

  3. Replies
    1. You and Nicki are on the same page.

  4. I don't think we were perceiving the same show.

    11. Always have an alternate universe to go to.

    1. Story of my life... my perception is always way off.

  5. I learned that foam rocks still hurt, Abe Lincoln is out there floating in space (yes, that was an episode), if you don't succumb to emotions and only run on logic you will inevitably have a terrible haircut, gorgeous skinny alien bitches apparently have the same working naughty bits as human women, and of course no one can resist Shatner.


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