Thursday, February 28, 2013

Best Friends.

Boschendal 1988
As I was taking my morning hike two older ladies slowly walked towards me. They had an aura around them and as they talked and laughed there was no doubt that they were the best of friends.  I had to look away as tears filled my eyes as seeing them together made me miss my best friend, Milla, terribly.

Milla and I have been friends since we were 5 years old and no matter where we are in the world we have always stayed connected. Our friendship is rare as I haven't met many people who have been friends as long as we have. We don't speak on a daily basis, but whenever we do there has been no lapse in our conversation or friendship.

We survived ballet classes and itchy tutu's. We built a tree house together which resulted in me having a black eye and her with torn knickers.  We hid under the curtain to the bookcase and played 'glassy glassy' and freaked ourselves out when the glass moved. We were not allowed to sit next to each other during Mass as just by looking at each other would send us over the suppressed laughter edge. We both survived Catholic school with minimal scarring. We always did have the best shoes in town and when someone asked where we got them, they were of course the last pair in the shop. We giggled our way through primary school and had our hearts broken in high school. We borrowed each other's clothes and threw lavish dinner parties.  We did many crazy things together, the whipped cream incident being the top craziest. We have both sobbed and held each other as we mourned love and lives lost. We supported each other through marriage and divorce no matter how far the distance. 42 Years later we can still both recall that very first day in primary school where we were assigned to share a desk.

One day Milla and I will be the two older ladies taking the walk and there will be a younger woman walking towards them who will be thinking to herself "They truly are the best of friends."

“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet.
Even longer,' Pooh answered."
A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh


  1. Awww! You & Milla sound like me and my friends Jamie, AnneMarie, Kim Jae & Erin (aka the Preschool Gang). We may go years without seeing each other, but when we do run into each's like we just saw each other yesterday!!

  2. That is so... so... I WANT A BEST FRIEEEENND!!!

  3. P.S.: "Whipped cream incident"? I'm intrigued. Do tell.

  4. My dear friend thank you for sharing this! All of the occasions you mentioned are also treasured in my memory for ever.... They all seem like yesterday and therefore,when we indeed are the two pals in the future, which is to be longer than forever ! Hopefully we will look back on all our memories with fondness and not regret. .Thank you for always being there for me and know that I will will be there for you no matter where we find ourselves in the world you can always count on me.... never change but grow... Much love Milla

    Ps Which one is Piglet?

  5. Oh. The whipped cream lol was the most mischief I have EVER been up to if only my students knew .....

  6. So amazing. I don't have any of those lifelong friends. I've got acquaintances that I lost touch with for 30+ years and am back in touch with, but it's not the same!

  7. Friendship is real work—I don't think enough people realize that. Congratulations on your long-lasting friendship—it's an achievement few people will have over the course of a lifetime.

  8. Your friendship with Milla is so precious. I have similar with my best friend who lives in Melbourne. I wonder if it's because so many South Africans left SA, and there is such a strong connection?


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