Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dear Cuisinart.

My ever faithful, Cuisinart.

Dear Cuisinart:

As I took you down from your shelf this morning I was reminded that this past December you and I have celebrated 22 wonderful years together. You were my first wedding gift.

Through out the years we have pureed, blended, chopped, grated, mixed, crumbed and baked many a wonderful dish. As a young wife you made me appear to be a well seasoned chef when cooking for my husband. When T was an infant, together you and I created the most nutritious wonderful pureed meals and recreated those when he got his braces.

Many meals and baking experiments were mostly successful.  The flops were purely on my overzealousness for pushing the PULSE button once too many times. Frustration at certain situations may have played a part.

We have had some wonderful dinner parties together and the compliments I have received is because we have made a great team.

You have survived nine moves, three of those across State lines. When I have entertained the thought of upgrading you I remember how faithful you have been throughout these years.  You have been more faithful and have lasted longer than the marriage you were the gift for.

To many more great years together.



  1. My wife and I have the same one, a wedding gift from 20 years ago.

  2. Mrs C has never expressed interest in one of those but you heve reminded me of how much my mother was always talking about getting one. I think, once my financial situation improves, I should get Momma C one as a give.

  3. Ode to old and sturdy technology in all of its incarnations.

  4. Must have been a run on those years back. We've got it, too. Old faithful.

  5. We had to retire the Cuisinart when we left the US, but we also loved it. I myself washed it many, many times!

  6. Nothing lasts like the oldies. I feel the same way about my Sunbeam mixmaster (a replica of the one my Mum used to have)

  7. Cuisinart makes the BEST food processors. We test them at work and Cuisinart smokes the competition every time. I'm a fan.


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