Sunday, January 22, 2012

My birthday weekend in pictures.

This Saturday was my birthday and the weekend fun had been planned by our twitter besties, Lars and David. 

Friday evening T, Bear and myself went out for sushi.

mmmmm Sake

Nigiri and Spider Roll

Avocado Roll, Veggie Roll, Cucumber Roll, Corvallis Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll

On Saturday morning we headed to Portland to start the day.  First winery stop was Cathedral Ridge.  Our blogger friend Beau runs the tasting room and we stopped by to taste some great wines.  We then proceeded to The Four Graces, Domaine Serene, Vista Hills and Lenne. 

I love this.


Our friend Beau. You all should be following his blog.
Cathedral Ridge wines that we tasted.
Four Graces Pinot Noir

Love the broccoli fuzzy balls.

I love their label.

Four Graces Tasting Room

Vines (duh)
Drive to Domaine Serene

Very, very good Chardonnay, also very, very expensive.

I must say so myself, this is a bloody great picture!

Domaine Serene Tasting Room.
Vista Hills Tasting Room

I love creative wine labels.

Vista Hills

At this point I was hungry and beginning to giggle, hence this pic.
Lenne Vineyards

More lovely labels.

Sunday morning we joined 14 other people for the monthly hashcapades.  This time it was at Cafe Nell.  So thrilled that Lars and David introduced us to this great event.

Cafe Nell

Best Bloody Mary!

Trout Hash with egg and hollandaise sauce.

Omelet stuffed with Gruyere Cheese.

Omelet stuffed with Granny Smith Apples and Gruyere cheese.
Sausage and Sage Hash.
To Lars and David, thank you for making my birthday so special.  You guys rock mountains!  (If you are on Twitter go follow these great people.  Lars - @virtuallars Dave - @ZtypeAlpha)

To Bear, thank you for a great weekend and for spoiling me, I love you. (Hubs isn't on Twitter, but I know if he was you would follow him.)


  1. As a fellow Aquarian, I thoroughly approve of this post.

  2. A happy birthday to you. Looks like a good time. I'm going to assume all those breakfasts you took pictures of were yours and you're training for one of those eating competitions. Is it the pickled egg one? Please say it's the pickled egg one.

  3. It sure was fun celebrating with you my Nubian Queen, but no pics from Saturday night dinner? At least it looks like you had a filling breakfast the next morning!! Happy birthday sweet lady!!

  4. Wow. That's one of the best vicarious experiences I've ever had.

  5. Happy Birthday Nubian! Looks like the perfect birthday weekend. And now, for some reason, I'm very hungry and a little bit thirsty. Hugs L!

  6. @Thom ~ Thank you and Happy birthday to you too.

    @Pickleope ~ I am in training for the pickled hot dog competition. ;~)

    @SipWithMe ~ Saturday night dinner is a blog unto itself. Stay tuned!

    @dbs ~ Why thank you kind sir.

  7. @MsMegs ~ can't wait till you are back in the States and we can plan GIRLS TRIPS!!

  8. All of your pictures make me jealous in some way. Either I'm jealous of the good food and drink, the beautiful landscape, or just your eye for a photo!

    Hope you had a great birthday, and that the pleasant giggling feeling continued happily!

    Joyeux Anniversaire!

  9. Happy birthday, belatedly, Nubian oh Nubian!

    It looks like it was a beautiful day. The scenery and views are incredible. I NEED that black dog wine bottle holder (although I'm sure there's a much more chic name for it than "wine bottle holder"). The sushi looks beautiful. I could live without the trout hash. NSD I love the obviously tipsy photo of the chandelier (or maybe it was of the wall hanging, or the clock, or the plant, or the stair rail)!

  10. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Certainly a great weekend you were very spoiled with a great deal of fun. X

  11. Looks like a wonderful time.

    I'm so glad you had a blast..

  12. Wow, what a great weekend! A belated happy birthday to you! Everything looks really, really good. Count me as another person living vicariously through that experience.

  13. Happy Birthday.


    I was there, toasted, wished you many more and now I have to go lie down.

  14. I feel so bad. I did not know it was your birthday. Probably because I have not seen you on Twitter much lately. However, it looks like you have a fabulous time and I'm super jealous over that omelet stuffed with granny smith apples and Gruyere cheese. Because yum!

    Happy Birthday!

  15. lord - this seemed to have involvd a lot of wine. How do I get to this place? And happy birthday.


    Next year, can I come celebrate with you? I'll bring you prezzies...


    and btw....


  17. Happy Birthday Darling Nubian. Mine was last weekend so we are fellow Aquarians! I'm sorry the one restaurant did not meet expectations. That's a shame. But the rest of the birthday fiesta looks awesome! The wine makes up for a lot of skimpy stupid tiny food!


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