Sunday, January 15, 2012

I heart my KitchenAid.

Generally the rule is that for Mother's Day one does not give a gift that has a plug.  This has been Nubian's rule, feel free to adopt it.  One Mother's Day I did receive my KitchenAid and I am so happy that Bear and T. did not heed the rule.  Numerous hints and pictures on the fridge may have been the clue to them and I was thrilled.  I have had my KitchenAid for a few years now and I get to make great dinners like this.  Enjoy the pictures.

Getting ready to make the pasta.

Pasta goodness - I know it's not the right attachment, I don't have the spaghetti one.

Not quite perfect, but that is what I love ~ rustic pasta.  I get points for being creative.

My home made pasta sauce bubbling away on the stove.
Ta-Da!  Pasta yummyliciouness.  

If you don't have a KitchenAid and would like one for Mom Day, feel free to forward this blog post to your significant other and show them what great dishes you could be making.


  1. I just gave my wife a kitchen aid for her birthday. I too was told never to give something with a plug but she too enjoys the creativity it allows. (And I get to eat stuff!)

  2. Is this an exemption from the nothing that belongs in the kitchen rule?

    I must say that looks delicious.

  3. @dbs ~ what deliciousness has your wife been making?

    @Ant ~ oh most definitely yes!

  4. Wow, very very creative.. I love that.

  5. I got a beautiful Sunbeam mixmaster (the retro kind) for my birthday.. I love it :)

  6. I have the same rule. And I'm rotten enough that I the Kitchen Aid was not a gift, but a must have, purchased shortly after P & I first got married. I upgrade a couple of years ago and my parents gifted me the pasta attachment. Honestly, your way is probably less work. I make homemade egg noodles and sometimes feel like I'd get it done faster rolling and cutting them by hand.

  7. I'd like one in red or robin's egg blue.....I have one in almond, which tells you how old it is.....early 80's! It's great for making juice, too. The attachments rock! Nice meal....

  8. As a rule, Mrs. C never accepts a gift that isn't jewelry or perfume (both of the expensive variety) which is why I was surprised when she said she wanted a juicer for her birthday last year.

    I still don't get it.

  9. My husband makes his own pasta by hand why stop him? Your photos sum up the way to a delicious dinner - well done, after all a Kitchen Aid needs a good driver!

  10. I could eat numerous plates of pasta, numerous. Tonight, I may be forcing Partner to have Carbonara because of this post.

  11. A stand mixer? You get to MAKE YOUR OWN PASTA? And sausage? And bread dough? And whipped cream? THIS IS MY FOODIE JEALOUS FACE.

  12. You do Kiva AND you're a fan of Vinny C?!? I'm in. Also, I'm way too cravenly scared to make my own pasta. Well done.

  13. @Heidi ~ 'n boer maak 'n plan!!

    @Alittlesprite ~ We can share recipes!!

    @Meg ~ Well with the first hubby it was not an option. :~) I think I have it down now, it takes me no time

    @Laura ~ I don't have the juice attachment... mmmm BEAR!!

    @Vinny ~ and I wouldn't argue with Mrs. C. We all know who wins right?

    @Renee ~ it was so old world Italy style!

    @cubypoet ~ oh wow you are spoiled. You will need to post pics!

    @dbs ~ thank you for the recipe looking forward to trying it this weekend.

    @tamayn ~ I only really like spaghetti, I feel everything else is to much.

    @Nicki ~ But you make awesome food without the help of a KitchenAid ~ that is my jealous face!!

    @Pickelope ~ Aw yes, thank you, and thank you for following. Going over to your blog to check it out.

  14. All that looks marvelous! I have never had a Kitchen Aid and I'm not even sure what they are, but now I want one.

  15. Now I REALLY REALLY want the pasta attachment.....

  16. Rats! I left a comment in G+ and forgot to leave one here! Well, you know what I said there...



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