Sunday, January 8, 2012

I have talented friends.

A while ago I was introduced to the blog Mitchell is moving.  This is his description of his blog. 

Jerry and I have moved around quite a bit. In the summer of 2011, we arrived in Southern Spain in the beautiful city of Sevilla. This is a chronicle of the paths we have taken and continue to take. Along the way, I tell stories about us and the years leading up to us, the many plunges we've taken together off the high board (sometimes into an empty pool), and all the other stories of two lives constantly on the move.

I love reading the daily blog about their trials of moving, Jerry's wonderful cooking and Spanish faux pas and Mitchell's ability to always look at the funny side of life, whatever the situation.

Many of us follow so many talented bloggers and sometimes I think their talent is glossed over as it is on a sidebar that many of us don't read.  My intention today is to introduce you to the great talent of Mitchell and his website, ToldemArt.  ToldemArt designs are created using the letters of the words they illustrate.   

Go on over to ToldemArt and see how talented my friend is.  Sometimes I envy my friends being so talented, but then remember that I do have the talent of Bitch.  

I use my talent well.
Penguin Mousepad by ToldemArt
Penguin ~ how clever is that!


  1. That is pretty darn cool. I'll have to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

  2. If he gets your recommendation, I'll definitely check it out.

  3. Wow! I am truly honored. And you have so much more talent than just the talent of Bitch!

    Did you know I also have a Zazzle store with designs to bring out that Inner Bitch?

    Still working on the lady bug! But just finished breakfast and now it's almost time for lunch.

  4. I too follow Mitchell is moving but couldn't link to his art site via yours will check it out from Mitchell is M. These penguins are soooo cool.

  5. I've got to go take a "look see" myself! I do love your penguins.


    For days, FFox was crashing. Every. Single. Time. I. Read. A. Blog. The good news? Chrome is amazing. And superfast.

    So just consider this my joyous reentry to the Nubian world. And yes, you totally have talented friends.


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