Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Bitching...

My team lost yesterday to a team THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE LOST TO.  This was a home game as well.  Defense was on vacation so this week I am dragging my ass and shit kicking boots on over to practice to get everyone back on track.  Don't really know anything about the game, but will wing it as I am good at bullshitting, learned that art from a few acquaintances past and present.

If I haven't responded to a 'friend request' that was sent 2 months ago to me, chances are I don't want you on my page because growing up we had nothing in common and chances are we still don't. 

If I post a comment on a blog, receiving a response from the blogger is the norm and much appreciated.  My bitch would be that I made a comment on someone's blog and someone else commented just after me along the same lines as I did.  My comment was way funnier, trust me.  Any way, yeah I know long assed road to get to the point, the Jackass Blogger LOL'd and LMAO'ing all over the place on the 2nd comment ~ mine was not acknowledged.  Do you want to know my theory?  Commentator has a large following, Jackass Blogger likes to kiss ass to Commentator.  Me, I am nothing, I am a nobody ~ keep thinking that way Jackass Blogger, you may be surprised one day.

We are literally a two minute walk from campus.  Our home has the parking area in front.  Either our driveway is blocked or they are parked over the yellow line or they are just pissing me off with their parking from this, where you could fit a smart car in perfectly, extreme... 

To this...

Trying to book tickets on the Eurostar from London to Paris should not be such a mission.  I have no clue where from and to where and times.  I do know that I want first class and there is no negotiating.  Currently selling an ovary, any takers? 

This website, Texts from last night, can either make you weep for our future generation or have you make sure the wine cellar is well stocked. 

My cellar is full.


  1. Ugh. Why do we let these dumb things get us bitchy? We're better than that... I don't want to be ignorant of things but I don't want to be depressed or bitchy because of them either. Pass me the wine?

  2. by the way, regarding your comment vs comment on that jackass blogger's blog, if you wrote an intelligent comment with words larger than four letters, chances are your comment will be ignored. Why? because the inane comment with the inane internet abbreviations are (for some reason unknown to man) easier to understand...

  3. Don't worry too much about jackass blogger. When you think about it, as a blogger you're free to be you. To still end up a brown-noser to the popular kids. It must be really sad.

    Regarding that that "Texts From Last Night" site: pop a cork for me too, will ya.

  4. @Pragmatic Spector ~ agreed and noted ;)

    @Vinny C ~ you don't need to ask me to pop a cork twice! There are some hilarious texts and then others I read and wonder why I didn't go to med school to practice STD's because I would be raking in the money right now!!

  5. oh I'm sure I have failed to respond to some of your blog comments on my blog. That's because I am generally a bit crap at responding, in my defense busy and scatter brained too; so if I did, don't take it personally because I meant to.

  6. I rarely comment on most of the blogs I read because it usually degenerates into a war of people trying to sound more intelligent and suddenly nobody is free to have or voice their opinion. I am a lurker.


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