Saturday, October 30, 2010

You voted what?

Conversation overheard:

"I am not voting Democrat or Republican in the next election.  I am voting for the Tea Party*, we need a third party in this country."

Oy vey!

* For my International blog readers, the Tea Party candidates are running on a Republican ticket.


  1. And the award for: "Best Male/Female Unclear of the Concept" goes to...

  2. @Vinny C ~ totally ~ the thing that really ticked me off is that this was an interview done on BBC and BBC is selling the tea party as an actual third party ~ not once did they correct these people... my head hurts, I need more wine.

  3. well they are probably pissed that this party is using the name of our national drink - can't they use Jack Daniels or something like that. I'm afraid I never got round to registering to vote. I guess I have to go somewhere with my citizenship certificate; hopefully in time for the Presidentials..


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