Sunday, January 15, 2017

Corks and Memories.

When I open a bottle of wine, no matter what the event I always write on the cork the date, what the event and have whoever is with me at the time sign the cork.

Today I took out all my corks out of the vase and read them all. Reading these corks is in a sense my own personal time machine. I was taken back to that event, thinking about the people that I shared a meal with who are no longer in my life, but at one time we sat down to a meal with great company where laughter ensued and our zest for life was evident in that one evening.

Reminiscing with the people who are still in my life, sending them pictures of their cork and remembering that dinner party and how midnight came too quickly and another successful dinner party had to come to an end.

Too often in life we focus on what we don't have and the negativity that surrounds us. We forget that more often than not at one time we sat down to a gathering and feast and left the cares of the world at the door. We celebrated life, friendship, love and good wine.

Life is too short to not have that dinner party and open that bottle of wine. Create your own time machine, just don't forget to invite me to the party.


  1. Love this Lidia ! Should I mail you some of our corks ? Or is it the joy of just those you open ? :)

  2. Just the joy of those that I open. We need to get together and add a cork to my collection.


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