Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The message was loud and clear.

9/11/2013 - Update. I was contacted by Jamie from Red Robin in Layton and she was extremely apologetic. All I asked from her was to train her staff in the correct response to any question they do not know the answer to. A simple "I don't know the answer, but let me find someone who does." would have sufficed. I have also received some comments as to why I did not ask for the manager at the time. I had just driven from Oregon to Utah, I was tired, hungry and wanted to eat and check into our hotel. There were tables around us that witnessed the ordeal and I did not wish to create a scene and I have found that through social media you get a better response, whether the service was bad or good and yes, if you go through my Twitter feed you will see that I am quick to give great recommendations and reviews as well.

The offending beer.

This past week T. and I drove to Utah for a wedding. When we arrived we met our friends at the local Red Robin in Layton. There were 10 of us. After the waitress and manager scrutinized T's ID we ordered a beer. Whenever we travel we like to try the local microbrews and we picked two and ordered. I sent a picture text of the beer to Bear (he stayed in Oregon) and labeled it "Porter".  Bear promptly sent a text back asking from what brewery, I was more focused on the beer and forgot which brewery it was from, you know me... never one to focus.

There was a waiter behind me and this is what progressed:

Me:  Excuse me, I ordered a Porter would you perhaps know which brewery this is from?

Waiter: I don't drink alcohol and I know nothing or want to know about the beer you are drinking.

He started to walk away and my friend asked him if he could find out.  He turned, looked at her and responded "Nope" and walked off.

I was mortified and my friend exclaimed "He wanted to make damn sure that you know that he doesn't drink."

I was so embarrassed, this waiter made me feel as though I was some alcoholic heathen and that he was better than me. His tone was incredibly condescending.

I took my rant to Twitter and one of my followers posted "You're in Mormon Land" to which I responded "I don't care what land I am in. If it is against your belief to drink alcohol, then hospitality isn't for you."

This is what angers me the most about the whole ordeal. I lived in Utah for 16 years and for the majority of those years I worked in the hotel industry. I went to many meeting planner conventions in other states trying to get business to Utah and the number one question asked was "They don't serve alcohol there." Governor Huntsman, the Salt Lake CVB and all in the industry did an incredibly job in changing the perception and that yes, you can get a drink in Utah.

I know that I am better than some idiots out there, but when I was in the industry I served them. I smiled and waved while secretly stabbing them with a sharp pencil in my mind. It is an industry I chose and loved. To see someone like this waiter with his condescending holier than thou attitude makes me want to go Ninja Bitch on his ass and then give him a cookie.


  1. I've spoken at conferences in Utah -- SLC has a WONDERFUL RWA group -- and despite early years when I had to pay an stiff uncorking fee, I've never been made to feel bad for ordering wine. Later there was no problem. Though at one conference breakfast, I had a nearly impossible time getting someone in the kitchen to make me a cup of coffee. lol

    1. JoAnn I am really thrilled to hear that. The SLC CVB has done an incredible job with hotels and restaurants, unfortunately they can't help the whole State.

  2. Wow, ugh. There is a Red Robin in the suburbs here, that I was going to try, but no sense in giving such a chain any business.

    1. Still waiting to hear from Red Robin. I will keep you posted.

  3. He's another one of those "This is what I believe, so I'll force you to practice it too" types. Funny people like him don't seem to understand that their attitude won't win anyone over.

  4. What an absolute self-riteous jerk. I WOULD have gone Ninja Bitch on his ass!

  5. Good for Jamie and good for you for sharing that follow-up. I hope that waiter is straightened out; well, I suppose he couldn't be more straightened than he already is... so, I hope he's enlightened (although it doesn't sound possible).


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