Sunday, July 28, 2013

One of Three Scenarios.

The Benz
Today I went to Offut Air Force Base to do some on base tax free shopping. The last time I was on an Air Force Base is when Bear was still on active duty. So it has been a few years.

My dear friend Ryan has given me the Benz to drive and the Princess ain't complaining. Ry's license place says WRKDHRD and I can attest to that fact. Yes he has an incredible home and cars, but he worked damn hard and is totally deserving of it all.

As I pulled into a parking space I noticed an Air Force Pilot looking at the car. When I got out and started walking to the Exchange the Air Force Pilot fell into step with me and the following conversation took place:

AFP: I must ask you about your license place "Worked Hard" what do you do?

Me: Oh no this car belongs to a good friend who is VP of Operations for a group of hotels, I am borrowing his car as I help him with the rebranding of a hotel.

AFP: That is a great license plate, may I ask where this hotel is?

Me: It is in Lincoln.

AFP: Do you live in Omaha?

Me: No I live in Oregon.

AFP: So what is your affiliation to the Air Force?

Me: My husband is retired Air Force

AFP: Oh, you're married?

Me: Yes I am.

AFP: Oh well, great car.

So here are the three scenarios:

1.  I've still got it.

2.  Air Force Pilots are still players.

3.  It was the Benz.

I think Ry would choose option #3.

I, however, am going with option #1. Yep, still got it.


  1. You still got it, Mama! When you come home, I me need some good, quality Lidia time! :)

    1. You always say the nicest things! Yes, let's organize a play date soon.

  2. my actual vote is that it is all 3!

  3. Still got it! You've definitely, still got it.

  4. You Still Got It!! & you look good in a Benz :)

    1. I do look mighty fine driving the Benz. Wish you were here as you would DEF be getting lucky...wait.. you know what I mean right?


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