Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Visit to the Mother City, Cape Town.

I don't have the energy to type a long thesis today.  The heat is getting to me, but I know I will miss it once I am back in cold/rainy/snowy Oregon.  The Three Musketeers (or Stooges depending on whether we are at a wine farm), went to the Waterfront, Cape Town for a day trip.  Great, big, huge, mega tourist trap, but great to go for the scenery.  Enjoy the pictures.

Table Moutain

Yard ornaments?
Mermaid - love this sculpture
Made entirely from wire and beads
Bead work
Totally appealed to my sense of humor.
Cape Town soccer stadium built for the World Cup.
The Protea. South Africa's national flower.
Great use for an old bath tub. I love orchids.
Just out of the oven. My version of crack.
Low tide, Strand beach. 
Guest for lunch
Staff meeting. Manager told staff repeatadly to 'shut up and listen'
My Sushi. Nothing to write home about, it silenced the hunger.
My Aunt's fish and chips.  Looked great.
My cousin got 3 pieces of Sole. Think the Chef had his eye on her.
Went to Mugg & Bean for dessert. Now this is a slice of pie!


  1. I'm so putting Cape Town on my list of places to visit one day. Great pics.

  2. Nothing wrong with a good tourist trap. So the artist, taking painstaking attention to tediously thread beads into wires, took the time to craft bollocks for the beast? You're damn right. Hilarious.

  3. @Vinny ~ After Japan right?

    @Pickleope ~ Genius bead stringer person!

  4. Holy crap! Scenic views, baked goods, and fish and chips -- my heaven! Hope you're enjoying the trip :-)

  5. Count me as another visitor wannabe to your lovely home! Every post you've made with regard to South Africa has been like a perfect advert for this country. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful place. All of your blogs about South Africa have been the best sales pitch possible. I am so on the list of people wanting to go there.

  7. You've got quite the photographic eye.
    And what DocCyn said.

  8. You advertise Cape Town so well.
    Love the phtogaphs

  9. Oh, your photos make it look incredible. I want to go. Can you please ship me one of those elephants? I have the perfect spot in my living room.

  10. Oh, your photos make it look incredible. I want to go. Can you please ship me one of those elephants? I have the perfect spot in my living room.

  11. All the pics are lovely, but the FISH AND CHIPS! My God, woman! I'm salivating!

  12. Everything is so beautiful. I enjoy getting to see your pictures. And the elephant balls are hilarious! It looks like you enjoyed your trip to the fullest. I hope you've had safe travels back...if I remember right, you're home now? Hugs L!

  13. Of course i love the elephants.

    but. the mermaid sculpture is fantastic.

  14. Looks cool - I have always wanted to visit Cape Town

  15. Looks so swell! Always a GREAT destination...and you had super weather. I'm just back from further up North. Also lovely. Now back home as though I was never away....alas....


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