Friday, February 24, 2012

La Vierge, Domaine Des Dieux and Southern Right

The last two stops in Hermanus were La Vierge together with Domaine Des Dieux and Southern Right.  La Vierge had a private luncheon, but we were still allowed to taste their wines.  My cousin chose La Vierge to taste and I chose Domaine Des Deux.

La Vierge tasting room.

Tasting deck with Boules

Great view from the tasting deck.
Domaine Des Dieux Sauvignon Blanc

We enjoyed this Sauvignon Blanc.  It was very fruity and crisp with lots of green apples on the nose.  This would be that great wine to pour as your guests arrive and you are waiting for the food to be done. 

Our wonderful wine hosts, Shane and Jo-Anne with the Pinot Noir winner!
Shane poured for La Vierge and Jo-Anne poured for Domaine Des Dieux.  When Shane poured the Pinot Noir and I took my first sip there were fireworks in my mouth.  It was delicious. It was smooth.  It was fruity and everything I love about the Pinot Noir grape.  This is when I get a titch upset about the American wine shipping laws.  For me to have a case shipped to Oregon is $600.00.  That is without the purchase price of the wine, just the shipping.  Things need to change people!

Our next and final stop was Southern Right. The reason we stopped here is because of my Marine Biologist husband, so I wasn't expecting a great wine, just loved the bottle.  In Oregon they have canons to scare the birds away, in Hermanus they are used for baboons.  As we were driving along the road the canon went off and suddenly there were over 50 baboons running across the driveway. 

Southern Right Pinotage

This is a fabulous Pinotage. This wine I am able to have shipped from California, so I am very happy as now I have more room in my luggage for other wines.

Trying to be creative with my photography

Southern Right is owned by Hamilton Russell so in a sense they were redeemed.  The wine hostess was very friendly and had great knowledge on the wines. 

Old brick factory on the grounds.

One of the baboons

I want this wine rack!

Baleen from a Southern Right Whale
Great view on the way home.
The Strand and Gordons Bay
We had a wonderful time in Hermanus and were happy with our wine purchases.  We will be back to visit during the migration of the Southern Right Whale and hubs will be with.  He can watch whales while I sip on some great wines.

Shout out to my Aunt for being our chauffeur and to my cousin for being my wine tasting buddy.  The family that tastes wine together, stays together.  Nubian logic.


  1. I like the quote of the week. I might make this my official favorite quote.

  2. I like the quote too. And 50 baboons? That's terrifying. Red-assed terrifying.

  3. Those shipping charges are CRIMINAL!

  4. @MrsSmall ~ Yes I have adopted that quote as well.

    @Pickelope ~ They are huge menaces and have destroyed friends homes when they left their windows open.

    @ToddX ~ I agree!! All customs and what not. Will have to figure out another way.

  5. The scenery is so beautiful! Great photos! Yay for shipping wine so you can buy more! =)

  6. "The family that tastes wine together, stays together. Nubian logic."

    Are you sure we're not related?! :) It's a crying shame that some of my family doesn't understand the art (and fun) of wine tasting!

    Luckily, my cousin understands and is my partner in crime when it comes to wine tasting! :D

  7. @Becky ~ Yay for shipping wine from California, not Yay for shipping wine from South Africa.:~(

    @Alina ~ I will be part of your adopted family. My cousin flew in from Australia so we're having so much fun catching up and wine-ing

  8. I like your logic!! Hate the shipping costs! What a shame.

    So, are the baboons after the grapes in the vineyard, or do they just stick to menacing people's homes?

  9. So amazing Nubian! I'm going with you next time!!! - @ZTypeAlpha

  10. I have fallen so far behind while you have been drinking your way across South Africa! Such beautiful photos.

  11. so crazy, the second and third last picture looks just like the drive along devils slide in California on the way to Half Moon Bay. Beautiful xx


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