Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Did you miss me?

There is a reason for my absence.  I am currently in Cape Town visiting the family.  I arrived last week and am slowly adjusting to the time difference and heat.  Yes, it would be summer here.  The internet is not the best here and I loudly exclaimed to my sainted mother that I poop faster than it takes to download a picture.  I think I heard my Mom on the phone with the private school I attended asking for a refund.

On Sunday my cousin arrived from Australia and I am beyond thrilled.  My cousin loves wine as much as I do and we promptly dragged my favorite Aunt off to the wine farms yesterday.  Here are pictures with a few comments on our adventures.

We started off at Morgenster.  An olive and wine farm.  We first did an olive and olive oil tasting and then moved onto the good stuff. 

The beautiful Helderberg mountain in Somerset West. Vines, Morgenster

Entrance to Morgenster.

Various olives and olive paste.  All were spectacular.

I wish I could bring a bottle for all my friends.  Outstanding olive oil and Balsamic.

This was our favorite.  Really opened up after a while.
Our next stop was Lourensford.  Growing up this was a working farm and we would spend many weekends along the river.  This was a wonderful place to visit.  The staff are exceptionally knowledgable and fun. 

Entrance to Lourensford.

My next home will have these front doors!
The great chocolate shop

Cheese shop right next to the chocolate one. Heaven!

Chocolate pairing.

I guess I should write about the pairing.  Chocolate covered cherry was paired with a Lourensford Estate 2010 Merlot.  I did not find this a great pairing, it was a little flat.  It didn't 'melt' or 'mesh' together.

The next pairing was the Lourensford Estate 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a chocolate hazelnut ganache.  This was a wonderful pairing, it enhanced the nuttiness and both my cousin and I liked this one.

The last pairing was the Lourensford Estate 2009 Semillon Noble Late Harvest paired with a glazed orange dipped in chocolate.  One word. Heaven! My cousin doesn't like the sweet wines or chocolate covered orange so more for me.  Apparently this wine pairs well with chicken liver mousse which I am looking forward to trying.

Tania and Abraham ~ fantastic, helpful, very knowlegable staff.
Entrance to Avontuur


This sparkling you would use as a mixer. Very insipid.

Avontuur Pinot Noir ~ Oregon need not be concerned.
The lunch at Avontuur was outstanding.  Our waitress Avril was wonderful and she remembered who I was and it was fun to catch up.  She kept on calling my Aunt by her maiden name, it was quite adorable. The food is affordable and very well presented.  The only thing left on our plates when we were done was the garnish.

Duck that melted in your mouth. Cooked in a Van Der Hum sauce.
Spinach stuffed chicken with prosciutto.
Local South African fish, Kingclip.

Ice cream wrapped in phylo, deep fried and served on incredible caramel sauce.

Racing horses at Avontuur. Excuse the butt shot.

 On Friday we will be visiting more wineries in Stellenbosch and looking forward to a great lunch at Middelvlei. 

Weather has been perfect and the sounds of the Indian ocean are making me sleepy.  Time to get to bed and get my rest for another great day with the family.


  1. All that food looks PHENOMENAL!! This is my jealous face.

  2. Also jealous! Happy for you though. Nice photos, too. That stuff all looks so good!

  3. What a fantastic day! And you still have how many more weeks? :-)
    Yeah, I wish you could bring back an olive oil for me, as well as that desert. WOW! Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to reading more about it!

  4. the only thing in this post that didn't look or sound amazing was the chicken liver mousse. otherwise, all looks fantastic! enjoy your trip and time with family.

  5. It looks fantastic. I would love to see Cape Town.

  6. Yes I missed you but more that that I am jealous

  7. Great photos! The food looks delicious! The weather is beautiful too. I really hope you enjoy your trip and get to relax!!

  8. Just so we're clear, yes, I did miss you and yes, I am extremely jealous.

  9. So if you poop faster than a download, would you say you're a 3G pooper? (sorry, can't resist a terrible poo joke)
    Those photos are great. Looks like an amazing trip.

  10. So glad you're there and doing well. (I was about to email you to see what was going on.) What beautiful photos and the days sound dreamy. My cousin in Norway says that if we only go one place in the next 5 years, it needs to be South Africa and especially around Cape Town. I guess she knows what she's talking about. Enjoy every single minute with your family and friends. (And don't mention poop in front of your poor sainted mother!)

  11. If this is your first day there...things are looking incredibly good.
    Cape town is still on my to visit list. Mmmmh.
    Happy R&R

  12. I love this post but what is Van der Hum sauce? The food, the wine and the company all goes to make a wonderful time, keep having fun.

  13. Very Jealous.. I know you're having a fab time in our home town. When you see Our mountain, please give it all my love.

    One of my favorite places to visit is Spier Wine Estate, not for the wine, but for the Cheetah and Wild bird experience.

    Oh Spier has great wines also.

  14. Several thoughts here..

    1. Yes I did miss you.
    2. You are so lucky.
    3. I am so jealous.
    4. Have a wonderful time (as it seems you are doing!)

  15. Thank you everyone for your great comments. Tried to respond individually, but my Mother just gave me the look with regards to my language.

    Van der Hum is an orange brandy, very good with duck!

    Hopefully will be posting another blog today, IF THE INTERNET decides to be friendly.

  16. Beautiful photos! Now where is your beautiful face?

  17. Two words: Freaking fabulous. Ok, four words: Lucky you!!


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