Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My December in pictures.

December started off chilly.
Wine event for club members at Left Coast Cellars.
The lovely ladies from Left Coast who put up with me.

Luke McCollom Winemaker for Left Coast Cellars
Barrel tasting
Minced fruit wheels

Minced fruit pies

Lebkuchen with citrus royal icing.
Champagne tea cake recipe by fellow blogger BananaWonder

My Mom's famous brandy tart aka tipsy tart.
Crab cakes recipe by fellow blogger Becky
Finnish Pulla bread recipe from fellow blogger Becky
Our Christmas table setting

My three Christmas trees
My Ladybug car on my ladybug tree.
Christmas table setting
T's wrapping of my Christmas gift
T exhausted from wrapping
Christmas table
Family and friends

I hope your December was just as busy and fun.


  1. It sure was!
    I find the ice on the maple leaves beautiful and fascinating!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a good Christmas. Love T's wrapping! It must be boys that age...Camden used blue duct tape on the gifts he wrapped for his siblings...

  3. I love all the pictures. The one of T is hilarious. I've been to wine tastings but never tasted a barrel. Woody? Can't imagine that it's fruit forward! I've been working on the lady bug.

  4. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. The food shots always make me hungry. I'll have to check out the recipes and maybe make one for New Years for Partner and I!

    Hope you and Hubby have a great New Years!

  5. Um... We watched TV. That's it. Glad your Christmas was more fun than mine.

  6. Those leaves look like they were dusted with sugar. Glad you had a great month.

  7. Great pictures! Some of those foods look mighty familiar ;-)

  8. sweet - there's a sort of wine-y theme emerging here which is rather promising.

  9. Like the pics and glad you had a nice Christmas.
    My favorite is T's wrapping. Very urban.

  10. Looks like a great December, and well captured with your photos. Very inviting looking, all of it.

  11. Those cookies all look so delicious!

  12. These photos tell of a great and happy time had by all who came.The last photo tells the story so many smiles. Have a very happy New Year!

  13. You are collecting such amazing memories.. and you are a great photographer. Seriously!


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