Monday, January 18, 2010


The devastation is Haiti is unfathomable.  My heart aches at the pictures of the children and I feel so incredible helpless.

So many people have donated financially, $2 million so far through text via cell phones.  Countries have pledged millions and help is pouring in from across the world, but here is my dilemma and I am hoping that my friends can help me with it.

There is a football player from our college team, who is from Haiti, and he is collecting donations, monetary, hygiene products and clothing.  I will be in Oregon next week and was going to take what was needed to the drop off point and this is when my dilemma started.

I thought about the homeless shelter in our new town that has been desperate for donations throughout the year.  I thought about the help that they did receive and which is now being diverted to Haiti.  So amongst our own, the suffering becomes greater.

What are your thoughts?  Have you donated to Haiti or are you keeping it within your community?  I would love to hear from you.

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  1. This is hard. A good blog and a relevant point. I suppose we have to think that in Western society, there is Welfare or Charity that is established, and therefore will give desperate people the chance. In Haiti they truly have nothing. They have been badly served by religion, corrupt leaders and the world bank - so I don't begrudge helping them as there is no infrastructure for them to fall back on. An act of charity is not misguided if it is intended for good. If only all humankind were that humane!


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