Friday, January 1, 2010


I took this picture at Yaquina Beach, Oregon in 2006.  What you don't see is that this is the edge of a cliff and it drops straight down into the ocean.   The two phrases that came to my mind were "never give up" and "bloom where you are planted". 

The dictionary defines resolution as a 'firm decision to do or not do something'.  Pretty deep! (how do you type a sentence dripping with sarcasm?)  I don't make resolutions, I have never been one to set the bar high.  What if this is my current potential and I have already reached the top?  Who decided that I should reach for more? 

Everything I have done in my life has been a success.  My philosophy, if you learned a lesson from it, it was a success.  Now if you go and do the same dumb ass mistake, well call me, I will be there with the deserving bitch slap.  And yes, you may also give me the slap I may need, occasionally.

I am done second guessing people, but not done giggling at a few.  Many years ago I read an article about the path/destiny we choose.  The short version was we set ourselves up in life for our own disappointments, no one ever promised us the house with the white picket fence, but yet we expected it. 

So here is the list of things I have let go over the years.
  • I no longer get upset when someone does not send me a thank you card, through the mail, for the gift I gave them.
  • I no longer get upset when someone sends me an email that I find highly offensive and racist, your ignorance is showing, not mine.
  • I no longer get upset that when I am on the phone with you, talking and you suddenly start having a conversation with someone that is in the room with you.
  • I no longer hate call waiting, if you feel you must take that call, go ahead, call me when you have time for me.
  • I no longer get upset when people make a comment about my child and his long hair, as a friend said, if that is the worst that he is doing, you're doing just fine!!
  • I no longer get upset when a friend says, I will call you back in 5-10-20 minutes and they don't.
  • I no longer get upset when you tell me that my Beef Stroganoff (FROM SCRATCH) tastes just like Hamburger Helper or that you prefer Jello pudding snacks to my chocolate mousse where the egg whites were hand beaten in a copper bowl.
These are the challenges I have for 2010:
  • Drag the son kicking and screaming through the next few months towards his Senior graduation
  • Find homes for YumYum and Bafana (our beloved cats - they can't move with us)
  • Sell the house that doesn't have enough bedrooms for the growing population in Utah
  • Move to Oregon and find a somewhat affordable home to rent.
And the most important thing for 2010 - turn up my "bullshit" detector just a notch... gut is telling me that there is something out there and it smells awfully fishy!


  1. Amen sister! I wish I was better this year at Thank You notes. I really do. I owe you at least a hundred.

  2. I Love it! Lots of good things to think about!


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