Sunday, April 17, 2011

So here is the plan.

Moving is right up there next to crappy wine on my list of things I hate.  This is the state of my living room and the boxes have multiplied.  Downsizing sounds wonderful in one's head, actually doing it takes a lot of effort and a vodka induced haze.  I am not in the mood to unpack.  So here is the plan.

You my blog friend are to email this picture to the TV show 'Hoarders'.  Tell them your friend has a 'terrible problem'.  We then get them to come out here unpack this crap and feng shui my place, I will do some required therapy (I can find something to have issues over) and VOILA my condo is unpacked and all is right with the world.

I know. Bloody Brilliant.


  1. LMAO! I love this idea. It is Bloody Brilliant. I wish I'd thought of it during our last move. Too bad Clean Sweep isn't on anymore. I like that Peter Walsh.

  2. Yes... bloody brilliant... or desperate..

  3. hahhahahah brilliant....or you could try the show clean house ;)

    moving sucks the big one :(

  4. Ooooh... I envy you not.

    98% of my belongings are still in storage after more than a year and a half just because I don't want to go through THAT.

    Bless your heart.

  5. I hate moving. Starts with the best intentions of great way to declutter, after box 10 I'll de-clutter when I unpack. Maybe I just won't unpack or move.

  6. @Meg ~ well you are certainly the Queen of moving being a military wife. You are welcome to use this scheme for your next move.

    @KofC ~ Only kind of desperate in the need to bitch slap you... will make me so happy

    @Renee ~ Would you expect anything different from me?

    @David ~ yes it does, I am starting a fund for the next move.

    @Rabbit - I don't envy you going through your storage unit although on my part Goodwill has made out big time.

    @Ant ~ I would rather watch an entire season of Rachel Ray than have to move... wait make that one episode of Rachel Ray

  7. Unpacking is my husbands strong point...each and every box gets opened and gone through and then put away. Our last move we were unpacked in about a week. He hates the whole "living out of boxes" thing.

  8. @Brooke ~ we normally do that, BUT have you downsized from 3,000 sq.ft to 1,100 sq.ft recently? It is truly a nightmare. Do you need my address so you can send me some wine? ;~)

  9. I wish they did that show here. We moved into our current apartment more than 2 yrs ago & we still have boxes we haven't unpacked yet.

  10. Nice idea except for the factr your place isn't nearly bad enough for that show.

  11. Oh, I hate moving too! Fortunately Funny Man is a whizz when it comes to unpacking. He actually loves to do it. I just go out in search of take out and voila, by the time I get back, he has the place put together. Wanna borrow him? - G

  12. @Vinny ~ you're just saying that to make me feel better and yes, it is working.

    @David ~ surely you jest

    @Georgina ~ Sure I would love to borrow him... can he work wonders with downsizing from 3,000 to 1,100 sq. ft?


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